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Updates about your favorite instructors and the Pilates film World Premiere!
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Here is the exciting news we could not wait to share with our clients and our community; this September, Pam, Michele & Kristin will be joined by Colleen Downard, founder of GYROTONIC® VAIL and former resident of Colorado! Colleen will operate MoveWell, a mind-body fitness program incorporating the full spectrum of the GYROTONIC® expansion system and GYROKINESIS®, as well as the influences of Pilates, Feldenkrais, dance and sports. The movement and teaching skills that Colleen has gleaned over many years of study and practice will be offered under the auspices of MoveWell, within the space of The Pilates Place Studio! Colleen received her BA in political science and Dance from the University of Montana, and has been teaching dance and Pilates since 1997. She mentored with Barbara J. Huttner in Pilates and is a PMA-CPT® certified Pilates Instructor.
Colleen was introduced to GYROTONIC® in 2002, by Ms. Huttner and studied under Master Trainers Sebastian Plettenberg and Karen Mullen. She is an authorized GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer, and a Certified Level 2 GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Trainer. Her goal in 2014 is to achieve her Master Trainer Certification. In addition, Colleen is certified on all the specialized GYROTONIC® equipment and has received therapeutic level training in Scoliosis, Hip Replacement, Osteoporosis, Autism and Downs Syndrome. Many of you will be thrilled to know that she is also certified in the GYROTONIC® Application for Golf Specific Training! Colleen and her husband Cody are thrilled to be moving back to Jackson (she taught at The Pilates Place in 2005) and are excited to reconnect with friends here and in Driggs and to partake of all that the mountains have to offer. We know you will join us in welcoming them to our studio and our community!

A Movement of Movement

The Essence of Pilates

"Private Screening for PMA Conference Attendees"
8:00 PM Thursday, October 10

2013 Pilates Method Alliance
October 9-12, 2013
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Last December we let you know about this exciting project; the first ever Documentary Film about Pilates: "A Movement of Movement"! The attached link will take you to more info about a private screening of the film being held within the 13th Annual Pilates Method Alliance Educational Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL this October. But the really exciting news is that the World Premier of the film (for the public) will be held here in Jackson, shortly after the 1st of the year, January 2014, and you are all invited! Pilates folks from all over the region, the nation and perhaps even the world will attend, and we cant wait for them to meet our community. We are in the process of creating a true "red-carpet" style event, fun and informative and offering everyone a chance to share their own stories about the joy of movement. Dates and details will be forthcoming in our November/December e-newsletter, so that you can make your plans to attend.
With all this exciting news about the world premier of the Pilates documentary and the arrival of Colleen Downard at The Pilates Place, we have to make time to share news about all of our instructors.
First of all, please give Kristin a big hug of congratulations when you see her next! She's been accepted into the Master's Program at The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado! This is an extremely rigorous and demanding program for Pilates Instructors who have already been certified and teaching for several years. It will take 3 plus years to complete, and will demand a lot of Kristin's time and energy! We are so proud of her and respect the amazing teacher she has become. Please let her know you support her in this big endeavor!
Tina Roberts has completed her required summer school courses and now the way is open for her to pursue her dream of Physical Therapy School. Congratulations to Tina! However, in the meantime she has decided to coach the Jackson Hole Ski Team for another season which is a bonus for us, because that means she'll be back at The Pilates Place teaching those early morning classes. Hooray! You can expect to see Tina's big trademark smile shining in the studio in early November!
Marisol Sullivan will continue to help us out in the studio, when her busy schedule with NOLS permits. In between climbing and guiding trips, she will be filling in, covering classes and private sessions. Her expertise in working with athletes and clients recovering from injuries is invaluable to the staff and students at The Pilates Place. In addition, Marisol became engaged to her sweetheart Josh while in Peru this spring! Congratulations Marisol!
Our dear Hilary has decided to spend another year in Indonesia! How can it be that just a year ago she was working behind the desk at The Pilates Place, greeting each of you as you arrived for your session and making sure that your appointments were accurate and that your day was wonderful. Those who are joining Michele in Italy at Cascina Papaveri this fall, will have the pleasure of seeing Hilary, who will be our resident massage therapist during our week there. In addition, there may be a surprise visit in Jackson... I wont say when, but stay tuned!
Mat and Reformer Class Clients please note that our new Fall schedule of Group Classes will begin on Tuesday, September 3 (following the Labor Day Holiday Weekend). We will be closed on Saturday, August 31st! Please check our on-line group class schedule at www.pilatesplacejh.com!
Pam and Michele are pleased to introduce a new segment in each e-newsletter where our clients can share some of their own experiences at The Pilates Place. Here are the first two:
"I was exposed to yoga and many forms of dance from childhood and practiced yoga fairly regularly until I began to explore Pilates seriously with The Pilates Place, last November. Pilates had always intrigued me, I took casual mat classes at my gym and bought the ever bouncy Denise Austin's Pilates VHS tapes (how incomplete her instructions may have been now when I'm looking back) but I was always intimidated by the true Pilates world. I also believed that I needed the meditation of yoga and teachings of the gurus and that I'd have to give that up for what I saw as the white uniformed Pilates former ballet super humans. Was I wrong, Pilates breathing is the true gateway to my meditation, and I've never begun a class in your studio when I worried about work or when I wasn't truly dreading the end of the class instead of other workouts where I would watch the clock for my escape. After tearing my ACL this winter and avoiding surgery, my doctor noted my strength and flexibilty as a contributor to my recovery. And my bathing suit didn't mind the beach so much this summer either. Thank you for the opportunity to share my appreciation for The Pilates Place and instructors Michele,  Pam, Kristen, Tina and Marisol." -Kate C. Boyle
"Pilates has changed my life; it has made me happy."
-Louise Koegler
As the beautiful Jackson Hole summer draws to a close, our summer guests return home and our children head back to school, we hope each of you finds more time for yourself...and that with the extra time you are able to come join all of us at The Pilates Place AND MoveWell, to share the joy of healthy movement!
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