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Welcome to Winter! News from The Pilates Place Jackson Hole.
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As temperatures warm, snow melts (hopefully not too fast) and the daylight hours increase, we here at the Pilates Place extend a warm "Welcome Home" to our returning summer clients as well as a loud "Kudos" to the stalwart residents who stuck it out during our record, snowy winter!

We are certain you are hearing all the buzz about our upcoming Solar Eclipse and the possibility of another summer of record visitation! More important than ever is your commitment to self-care and wellness during times of high stress and high demand on your time and energy. As always, we at The Pilates Place are here to help you with your mind-body program of exercise. Pilates, Franklin Method® and Gyrotonic® are offered by our excellent team of Instructors and tailored to your specific body type and needs.

Please read on to learn more about the studio, the Instructors and the happenings this summer!
Not everyone who wanted to experience Franklin Method® with Jill Reich, was able to take her initial workshop in 2015, nor the mini-workshops she presented last summer. You will be thrilled to know that Jill is still here in Jackson, at The Pilates Place and is eager to introduce even more Jacksonites to the really incredible work of Franklin Method®. This summer Jill will offer small group sessions (2-3) on topics requested by the students. These will be mini-workshops (1-2 hours) on very specific body bio-mechanics (i.e. Neck, Shoulder, Foot, etc). Please contact us for times, prices and topics. Read on to learn more about Jill's background and philosophy of movement.

Jill is a PMA Certified Pilates teacher and a graduate of the highly regarded The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. She completed her training in January 2000 and then completed the exclusive Masters' Training Program in 2013. She has also served as a Licensed Teacher Trainer and taught Pilates to other Instructors and students overseas in Europe and India.

Jill is a Board Certified Massage Therapist and has been practicing for over 25 years. She has studied Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Thai Massage and Visceral Manipulation. She became interested in Pilates through her career as a bodyworker, seeing Pilates as a sort of massage to the body through active movement. She has always taken an interest in health and the intricate workings of the human body and finds that her studies of how the body is aligned and moves, works exceptionally well with the hands-on skills of massage she has gained over the years.

Jill recently attained certification as a Level 3 Franklin Method® Movement Educator. She is currently one of only 50 other Level 3 teachers in the US. The Franklin Method® teaches us how our bodies move functionally using the art of imagery to connect the mind and the body to empower the individual in all ways of moving. Franklin Method® is a stand alone method and also works well as a tool to teach Pilates more effectively.

Jill has a great passion to help facilitate healing and a sense of well being in the people she works with and approaches each Pilates lesson or massage with a high level of commitment. She combines all her knowledge to tailor an experience unique to the individual client. 

Some of our clients were fortunate enough to work with Jill last summer (2016) and many of you will be lucky enough to have sessions with Jill this summer (2017). Please contact us if you wish to schedule a Pilates session, an introduction to the Eric Franklin® Method session or a massage in your home.

Some of you may remember Martha Zimmerman Vorel, an early client of the studio and a graphic design artist in town. She designed our original website as well as our brochures, business cards and schedule cards. We are so excited that Martha and her family have decided to move back to Jackson and also that Martha is willing to share her new passion for nutrition with us. 
Read on for more info, and you can also look forward to an exciting new look on our website, including a retail page!
My name is Martha Vorel. My journey of health and wellness began a few years after both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. This journey led me to Arbonne almost 2 years ago. When I was faced with the reality of preventable disease, I became a student of living well. I am passionate about raising awareness on preventing diet-related diseases and inspiring others to learn how to take better care of themselves. 

If you are suffering from weight gain, fatigue, headaches, gluten intolerance (Celiac’s disease), diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, indigestion, inflamed joints and muscles, or generally less than ideal performance, it is most likely a result of the foods you are eating and your exposure to environmental and chemical toxins. 

Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living program detoxifies the body while maximizing nutrient intake from real, CLEAN foods. 

To learn more about this amazing program, please join us Wednesday, May 31 at 2pm at the Pilates Place studio.  You will get to sample some incredible wellness products that are Certified Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose, Whey and Soy Free, Cholesterol Free, and contain No Artificial Sweeteners, Colors, Flavors or Fructose. 

If you're interested in a path to healthier living, please RSVP on the sign up in the Studio or email/call/text MarthaVorel@gmail.com 307-690-1873.

Here’s to a healthier, happier you! 

Pam Woodson as most of you know, continues to do her vital work as Parish Life Coordinator at St. John's Episcopal Church here in Jackson. She continues to be a "silent" partner in the studio and loves to help us out by teaching when we a pressed for an extra hand. Hopefully most of you will see her smiling face in the studio at least once or twice this summer.
Kristin Painter just finished a pelvic floor workshop with Bret Anderson, MSPT and founder of Polestar Pilates Education. She is currently enrolled in one on spine anatomy and core basics with Karen Clippinger (formerly director of Long Beach State Dance Dept).  She and her family have been traveling most weekends for Acacia's ski racing and Lacrosse.  Following an exciting spring break trip to Cuba, they are happy to be enjoying spring in Wyoming.
Hilary Smith, spent a good part of the winter here in Jackson working for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Following some extensive travels during the early spring, she returned to Jackson and plans to stay until late June. Then she's off to Italy, among other destinations, for the later months of the summer. While she is here in Jackson, you'll be seeing a bit more of her as she helps out covering classes and private sessions during some of our other Instructors' absences. 
Tina Roberts continues to coach her group of early risers 4 days a week, to stay in peak physical condition for all of the sports, activities and demands of family life, work and travel that can take such a toll on our well-being. If you are interested in joining this group of dedicated 7am students, call or e-mail us for info about the classes. Following a successful spring skiing trip to Alaska, Tina has also resumed her daily duties at Teton Dermatology, making the patients there feel comfortable and welcome. She is looking forward to another fun summer in Jackson!
Kim Armington is currently taking a hiatus from her career as a Physical Therapy Assistant and is exploring other career options. We are sure that the folks and patients at Four Pines will miss her, but it means she will have more time to teach Pilates and that will be a bonus for the clients and staff at The Pilates Place. Kim is looking forward to another Jackson Hole summer filled with boating, skiing, hiking and enjoying our beautiful natural landscape.
Michele Dorsey, a life-long learner and ardent student of the human body, movement and health has taken two Visceral Manipulation Courses from Dr. Lisa Brady Grant, DC, during 2017. She is very excited to learn so much more about the visceral (organ) system of the body and how restrictions there can lead to restrictions in the biomechanics of movement. These courses are offered through the Barral Institute, and Michele looks forward to completing the next 2 courses by early 2018.
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